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The king of the jungle is here! And he can't wait to meet the other little ruler of your hearts (and your home!) Say hello to Simha, the majestic lion. He's a soft toy and his name is Kannada for lion. Hand-crocheted using 100% cotton thread, the Simha Crochet Lion Soft Toy can also double up as a sleep buddy! Get this ferocious little fellow today! Roarrrr!

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1: Hand-crocheted by local artisans using 100% cotton thread.

2: Firm yet soft polyfill stuffing that can be washed easily without clumping.

3: Light weight and easy for tiny hands to grasp, hold and play with.


Height: 28cm x Length: 20cm


1: Provides comfort and a sense of security:
Many babies find comfort in cuddling soft toys, which can help them feel secure, especially as sleep buddies during naptime or bedtime. Our soft toys can become cherished companions for your little one, providing a sense of familiarity and comfort.

2: Fine motor skills:
Soft toys can support various aspects of a baby's development, including fine motor skills as they grasp, squeeze, and manipulate the toys.

3: Encourages imaginative play:
Even at a young age, babies begin to engage in imaginative play. Each of our soft toys are inspired by Indian animals that can become characters in their expanding imaginary worlds. Parents can start building interest and familiarity with these animals by mimicking the sounds these animals make as early as when the baby is 6 months old.

4: Emotional development:
Lastly, these soft toys can grow with your baby. As the baby grows into a toddler, these soft toys are perfect for their emotional development. Simple things like learning to hug and even care for them can foster empathy and social skills in a child.


Gentle hand wash with liquid fabric soap. Do not wring or tumble dry. Gently press in between palms to remove excess water. Air dry in shade.

Customer Reviews

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Ashish Jha
Favourite Soft Toy!

I bought this for my 6 month old! a month back and Simha is her favourite toy! She sleeps with Simha and takes it everywhere she goes! It soothes her and a perfect companion. Best part is I can wash it and maintain hygiene. It's soft, 100% cotton and washable. Easy to dry.