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Introducing the Gubbachhi Gift Box set for infants - a delightful ensemble of love and playfulness for that special little one! This particular gift box includes the Simha Crochet Rattle and Simha Crochet Soft Toy - inspired by the majestic Indian lion - and a cream coloured swaddle cloth. The soft toy and rattle are both hand-crocheted with 100% cotton, and the rattle includes a beechwood ring as well. The swaddle is made using 100% muslin fabric that makes it super soft and breathable for a baby to be snugly tucked in. Whether it’s for a baby shower, welcoming a newborn, or simply to pamper your own bundle of joy, this Gubbachhi Gift Box is what you're looking for!

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This Gift Box contains:
1: Simha Crochet Rattle
2: Simha Crochet Soft Toy
3: Cream coloured swaddle

Simha Crochet Rattle:
1: Hand-crocheted by local artisans using 100% cotton thread.
2: Firm yet soft polyfill stuffing that can be washed easily without clumping.
3: All-natural beechwood ring - carefully sanded to ensure no splinters or sharp edges.

Simha Crochet Soft Toy:
1: Hand-crocheted by local artisans using 100% cotton thread.
2: Firm yet soft polyfill stuffing that can be washed easily without clumping.
3: Light weight and easy for tiny hands to grasp, hold and play with.

Cream coloured swaddle:
1: Made from 100% muslin cotton.


Simha Rattle: 16cm x 12cm (Face: 10cm x 12cm | Ring: 6cm x 6cm)
Simha Soft Toy: 28cm x 20cm
Swaddle: 100cm x 100cm


Simha Crochet Rattle:
1: Increase hand-eye coordination:
When your little one reaches out and grabs these rattles, they are laying the foundation for all future movements.
2: Sensory simulation:
These rattles are designed to offer a multi-sensory experience for your child - from the varied textures to the soft rattling sound - all helping to expand their little world!
3: Fine motor skills:
Playing with this rattle can offer a tiny bit of exercise for those little, tender fingers, strengthening fine motor skills.
4: Aids teething:
The smooth beechwood ring doubles up as a teether, so baby can chew on it to help massage sore, itchy gums.
5: Introduction to animal friends! :
Each of these crochet rattles is designed after common Indian animals. Introduce your child to these animals, imitate their sounds, and through pretend play, lay the foundations for their imagination to take flight.

Simha Crochet Soft Toy:
1: Provides comfort and a sense of security:
Many babies find comfort in cuddling soft toys, which can help them feel secure, especially as sleep buddies during naptime or bedtime. Our Soft toys can become cherished companions for your little one, providing a sense of familiarity and comfort.
2: Fine motor skills:
Soft toys can support various aspects of a baby's development, including fine motor skills as they grasp, squeeze, and manipulate the toys.
3: Encourages imaginative play:
Even at a young age, babies begin to engage in imaginative play. Each of our soft toys are inspired by Indian Animals that can become characters in their expanding imaginary worlds. Parents can start building interest and familiarity with these toys by mimicking the sounds these animals make as early as when the baby is 6 months old.
4: Emotional development:
Lastly, these soft toys can grow with your baby. As the baby grows into a toddler, these soft toys are perfect for their emotional development. Simple things like learning to hug and even care for them can foster empathy and social skills in a child.

Cream Coloured Swaddle:
1: Provides a sense of security and helps deep sleep:
A snugly fit swaddle is extremely soothing for a baby that can also help promote deeper sleep and awake less spontaneously.
2: Comfortable:
Our swaddle is made of a 100% muslin cloth that is not only gentle on baby's tender skin but is also breathable, so baby can be comfortable while asleep.
3: Colour coordinated with the rattle and soft toy:
The cream colour of the swaddle complements the colour of the Simha rattle and soft toy.


Simha Crochet Rattle:
- For the fabric part, gentle hand wash with liquid fabric soap. Do not wring or tumble dry. Gently press in between palms to remove excess water. Air dry in shade.
- For cleaning the wooden ring, use a damp cloth and air dry once done. For extending its life, dab it with a little coconut or olive oil, allow to soak for a day and wash off with mild soap.

Simha Crochet Soft Toy:
Gentle hand wash with liquid fabric soap. Do not wring or tumble dry. Gently press in between palms to remove excess water. Air dry in shade.

Cream Swaddle:
Gentle machine wash with a fabric soap made for baby garments. Dry in shade. Gets softer on each wash!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sneha E
Lovely Gift idea for a young one!

This rattle, soft toy and swaddle combo makes for a great gift when you're visiting a young fellow. I'm sure my new nephew (and his mum) were mighty pleased with this gift set I got for him! Very happy!

Pooja Ashwin
What a pleasing gift idea!

I was looking all over for a thoughtful present for my close friend's newborn and couldn't have asked for something better than this Gubbachhi soft toy, rattle and swaddle gift box. It's great quality, and very well curated, and just what the young one needed! Great gift option! :)