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Size of Pajama

This Gubbachhi Gift Box set has been thoughtfully crafted for young children. It contains the Mayura Wooden Shape Sorter - inspired by the Indian peacock and handcrafted using ivory wood and pine wood. Along with the shape sorter, the gift box also has a comfortable green pajama set made of 100% muslin fabric. This gift box set is the perfect combination of playfulness and comfort - making it the ideal present for a little one!

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This Gift Box contains:
1: Mayura Shape Sorter
2: Green pajama set

Mayura Shape Sorter:
1: Made from all-natural wood. Ivory wood pieces and pegs set on a pine wood base. No plywood or MDF.
- A pine wood base with pegs.
- Bird made of ivory wood
- 9 shapes (3 triangles, 3 circles, 3 pentagons) made of ivory wood
2: Carefully handcrafted to ensure there are no splinters or sharp edges.
3: All paints used are water-based, child-safe colours.

Green Pajama Set:
Made from 100% muslin cloth.


Height: 7 cm
Wooden base: 25cm x7cm
PJ Set: Please refer to size chart in the images


Mayura Shape Sorter:
1: Improves hand-eye coordination:
The Mayura Shape Sorter requires the child to identify the right shape and carefully maneuver it into the wooden peg, thereby improving hand-eye coordination.
2: Strengthens pincer grip :
As your little one picks up and grasps the wooden pieces one by one, those tiny fingers get a little bit of exercise, gently strengthening the child's pincer grip.
3: Learn shapes and colours :
This sorter challenges your child to sort by both shapes as well as colour because each shape is a different colour. Baby learns to differentiate between colours and shapes, in one go!
4: Learn basic counting :
There are 10 pieces in all (3 of each shape, and one bird), so you can also teach the basics of counting to your little one.
5: Sparks creativity:
Since the Mayura is inspired by the Indian Peacock, explore ways of recreating its feathers by arranging the individual shapes in various patterns. This can contribute immensely to the development of the child's imagination and creativity.
6: Problem solving:
This toy is a mini puzzle for young children, helping sharpen their cognitive and analytical skills as well.

Green Pajama Set:
1: The perfect sleep time clothing:
The 100% muslin pajama set is soft and breathable making it extremely comfortable to wear, especially during sleep time.
2: Smart fit, elegant colour:
This pajama set is not only comfortable, but also has been tailored to fit the child well in a soft pastel green, making for a smart little kiddo!
3: Colour coordinated with the sorter:
The soft green colour of the pajama complements the colours of the Mayura shape sorter.


Mayura Shape Sorter:
Simply wipe with a damp cloth to remove dirt or food stains and air dry.
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, water and heat.

Green Pajama:
Gentle machine wash with a fabric soap made for baby garments. Dry in shade. Gets softer on each wash!

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