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Standing tall at the Mumbai Harbour, overlooking the Arabian Sea, is the iconic Gateway of India. Our Gateway of India Wooden Stacker is inspired by this majestic monument. Part of our 'Indian Monuments' series, this stacker is complete with bricks, arches and doorways that fit together into a miniature Gateway. Sure to ignite a love for Indian landmarks, for the little historian-cum-architect at home!

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1: 10 pieces handmade using 100% all-natural mango wood in shades of brown and terracotta. No MDF. No plywood.

2: Naturally stained using water-based colours.

3: Bevelled edges to that there are no splinters or sharp sides.

4: The grain of the wood shows through the colour which is intentional and shows the hand-made nature of the product.


26cm x 16.5cm x 2.5cm


1: Problem Solving:
This stacker comes with a reference card that details out how the finished model might look like. Recreating a miniature Gateway of India encourages focus and helps develop problem-solving skills in children.

2: Sparks imagination through open-play:
Although this stacker has a specific end outcome (the creation of a miniature monument), children can also use the stacker pieces however they please - creating towers, or bridges - letting their imagination run riot!

3: Social Skills:
Let your child play with this stacker along with a friend, sibling or a parent. Because when many hands, and minds work together, it'll go a long way in developing social and collaborative skills.

4: Learn about Indian monuments:
Our 'Indian Monuments' series of wooden stackers is a great opportunity for children to learn more about the wondrous monuments of our great nation. Use them as starting points to help your little ones develop a love for Indian architecture


Gently wipe with a damp cloth (avoid excessive rubbing) to remove dirt or food stains and air dry.
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, water and heat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Very unique Indian design! Good quality too!

As soon as I saw the Gateway of India stacker I knew I had to buy one for my son. My 3 year old is at an age where he's very curious and loves building things and plays a lot with building blocks, stackers etc. Although we have a room full of stackers, this design seemed extremely unique as I've not seen anything similar before. I quite liked the India inspiration behind the toy. Also, the quality of the overall toy and the craftsmanship is impressive. 5 stars! :)

Very Nice Learning Toy!

I recently bought the Gateway Stacker toy. When I opened the parcel I myself was amazed to see how beautiful it was! I wanted to keep it as a showpiece in my house! A great way to engage kids and help them learn about Indian monuments.