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From spectacular skyscrapers dotting India's cities, to historical monuments, to quaint homes in the countryside - all of them have an integral element that helped shape them...the humble red brick. Our Eenta (that's Hindi for brick) Building Blocks are inspired by these little clay bricks that are the ones holding the largest edifices together. Made for open-ended play for young minds so your little builder can get busy constructing their own dams, bridges and little monuments.

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1: 30 wooden bricks handmade using 100% all-natural mango wood in shades of terracotta and brown. No MDF or plywood used.

2: Naturally stained using water-based colours.

3: Bevelled edges to ensure there are no sharp sides or splinters.

4: Wood is a natural material with various unique markings (knots, stains, grains, textures). These wooden blocks have these unique variations which are proof of handmade quality, and not defects.


Each brick : 4.5 cm X 2 cm X 2 cm


1: Increase hand-eye coordination: Attempting to grasp and place blocks one on top of another helps aid in increasing hand-eye coordination.

2: Betters pincer grip: Grasping, picking up and maneuvering these blocks helps exercise those tiny fingers thus bettering your little one's pincer grip.

3: Art of balance: By learning to balance these blocks on each other, your child is learning to focus, concentrate and while also improving their motor skills.

4: Counting aid: The Eenta wooden blocks come in a set of 30, with 15 of each colour. Use these blocks to teach your child basic counting.

5: Encourages open play: Perhaps the most magical aspect of these building blocks is the world of imagination they can unlock. From towering skycrapers to majestic forts, rudimentary cars to cute flower patterns, the possibilities are endless with the Eenta!


Gently wipe with a damp cloth (avoid excessive rubbing) to remove dirt or food stains and air dry.
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, water and heat.

Customer Reviews

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Nithin GB
Beautiful & Safe!

I bought these building blocks from Gubbachhi, named Eenta. The pieces are easy for my child to grasp, and he's been able to improve his motor skills and problem-solving abilities. It's so rewarding to see him engaged and learning while having fun. Eenta reminds me of the bricks (building blocks) of our houses. My child is fond of buildings, and this is a perfect pretend play toy for him. He plays with this for hours and builds in many ways using his imagination.

Loved this product!

I've recently discovered the Eenta bricks from Gubbacchi and I couldn't be happier with this find! My son absolutely loves them. Despite being a simple toy, these bricks manage to keep him engaged for a long time. One of his favourite activities is pouring the bricks from one container into another, and it's incredible to see how much joy he gets from this seemingly basic task. Also, I love the toy because it gives me a few minutes to sit back and relax, knowing that he is safely and happily occupied