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Who's that talkative little fellow flying in at you? Why, it's the Chiluka Wooden Teether! Inspired by the Indian Parrot - called Chiluka in Telugu - commonly found in fruit-laden trees in Indian cities and the countryside. The shape of this teether is modeled after the Parrot, and its green muslin cloth emulates its bright plumage. Get the Chiluka for your little one, today!

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1: Handmade using natural neem wood, a known antibacterial, that's been used traditionally in India for oral hygiene.

2: Carefully handcrafted to ensure there are no splinters or sharp edges that may hurt tender gums and hands.

3: The tail-feathers of the teether is 100% Indian muslin cloth in a soothing green shade.

4: What's more, each teether has also been polished with natural, non-toxic, food grade oil.


Teether: 12cm x 6cm
Muslin cloth: 21 cm x 21 cm


1: Soothes sore tender gums during teething:
Chewing on something soft, yet firm (like neem wood) provides the required counter-pressure needed to soothe sore and itchy gums. Additionally, the muslin cloth can also be chilled in a refrigerator and used to numb sore gums.

2: Provides gentle relaxation :
Research shows that contact with wood induces certain physiological relaxations, that may help calm a teething (read irritated!) baby.

3: Easy grip, large size:
Our bird teethers are designed with a generous size (larger than most teethers) that makes it easy for baby to comfortably grip it.

4: Promotes hand-eye coordination:
Playing with the bird teether helps baby to develop early hand-eye coordination.

5: Makes for an enhanced tactile experience :
Experiencing the different textures of cloth and wood in one teether makes for a wholesome, curious experience.

6: Aids in preventing drool-related skin chafing:
The constant drip of drool on baby's cheeks, mouth, chin and even neck may result in chapping, chafing, redness and rashes. Our super-absorbent muslin cloth can be used as a wipe cloth to keep skin dry.


1: Easy to maintain wood :
Neem wood has antibacterial & antifungal properties so these bird teethers are easy to maintain. Use a damp cloth to gently clean the wood and air dry.

2: Machine washable cloth:
The muslin cloth is machine washable and can be used over and over again. Gets softer each time you wash it!

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