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Size of Pajama

This delightful Gubbachhi Gift Box is lovingly curated for children above 2 years. It contains the Anar Wooden Stacker - that's inspired by the Indian pomegranate - which is handmade using natural mango wood and painted using non-toxic, child-safe colours. The gift box also contains a comfy and dapper cream pajama set made of 100% muslin cloth. The Gubbachhi Gift Box is the perfect gift for a child you're visiting, or just a little something for your young one!

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This Gift Box contains:
1: Anar Pomegranate Stacker.
2: Cream pajama set.

Anar Pomegranate Stacker:
1: Made of all-natural mango wood. No MDF or plywood used.
2: Painted with non-toxic water-based colours.
3: Bevelled edges to ensure there are no sharp sides or splinters.
4: Wood is a natural material with various unique markings (knots, stains, grains, textures). These wooden blocks have these unique variations which are proof of handmade quality, and not defects.

Cream Pajama Set:
Made from 100% muslin cloth .


Anar : Height: 11.5 cm x Length: 10.5 cm x Width: 3.5 cm
PJ Set: Please refer size guide in images


Anar Pomegranate Stacker:

1: Problem solving:
This stacker is a mini puzzle for young minds, and calls for a lot of critical thinking to help put it all together. Thus helping hone analytical and cognitive skills in children.
2: Helps focus:
In today's world filled with distractions, the ability to concentrate is a superpower. And the fruit stacker can well be a mini meditation session for children, as they hone in on the task at hand.
3: Social Growth:
Whether it's siblings/friends working together or just you and the little one spending quality time together, the fruit stacker encourages teamwork and cooperation.
4: Open Play:
Sure, this stacker has a predefined solution, but your little one can let their imagination run wild to stack and arrange these pieces as they please.

Cream Pajama Set:
1: The perfect sleeptime clothing:
The 100% muslin pajama set is soft and breathable making it extremely comfortable to wear, especially during sleeptime.
2: Smart fit, elegant colour:
This pajama set is not only comfortable, but also has been tailored to fit the child well in a soft pleasing cream colour, making for a smart little kiddo!


Anar Pomegranate Stacker:
Gently wipe with a damp cloth (avoid excessive rubbing) to remove dirt or food stains and air dry.
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, water and heat.

Cream Pajama: Gentle machine wash with a fabric soap made for baby garments. Dry in shade. Gets softer on each wash!

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