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3 Years +

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Size of Pajama

Introducing the Gubbachhi Gift box set - the perfect choice for those looking for a thoughtful gift for young children. Inside, you'll find the exquisite Aranya Wooden Stacker - that's inspired by various Indian trees, and handcrafted using ivory/pine wood. Accompanying this delightful toy is a cozy green pajama set, crafted from 100% muslin fabric, ensuring utmost comfort for little ones as they embark on adventures in dreamland. Suitable for children aged 3 years and above, this Gubbachhi Gift Box is the ideal gift for a child you're visiting, or as a special surprise for your little one!

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This Gift Box contains:
1: Aranya Wooden Stacker
2: Green Pajama Set

Aranya Wooden Stacker:
1: Made from all-natural wood. Ivory wood pieces and pegs set on a pine wood base. No plywood or MDF.

2: Contains :
- A pine wood base with pegs.
- 3 Trees (12 pieces in total made of ivory wood).
3: Carefully handcrafted to ensure there are no splinters or sharp edges.
4: All paints used are water-based, child-safe colours.

Green Pajama Set:
Made from 100% muslin cloth.


Aranya: Height: 12 cm | Base: 23cm x 7.5cm
PJ Set: Please refer to size chart in images


Aranya Wooden Stacker:
1: Improves focus:
This stacker is not the easiest to figure out. It demands patience and challenges children until they get it right. In a world where it's ever-easier to get distracted, the Aranya stacker helps build focus in children.
2: Problem solving:
The Aranya stacker is a mini puzzle for growing minds. Playing with it helps sharpen cognitive, analytical and problem-solving skills.
3: Learn about Indian trees :
Each tree in the puzzle is modeled after a real Indian tree. There's Ashoka, Sal and Neem, all native species to the Indian subcontinent. This toy is an excellent opportunity to learn more about each one of them.
4: Social Growth:
We believe that the best way to play with the Aranya is along with a friend, sibling or parent. And when many hands, and minds come together to solve something, it encourages cooperation and social development in children.

Green Pajama Set:
1: The perfect sleep time clothing: The 100% muslin pajama set is soft and breathable making it extremely comfortable to wear, especially during sleep time.
2: Smart fit, elegant colour:
This pajama set is not only comfortable, but also has been tailored to fit the child well in a soft pleasing green colour, making for a smart little kiddo!
3: Colour coordinated with the stacker:
The green colour of the pajama goes with the colours of the Aranya stacker.


Aranya Wooden Stacker:
Simply wipe with a damp cloth to remove dirt or food stains and air dry.
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, water and heat.

Green Pajama:
Gentle machine wash with a fabric soap made for baby garments. Dry in shade. Gets softer on each wash!

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