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This elegant wooden stacker is called Aranya - the word for forest in many Indian languages. A tribute to the lush green forests of India, it features three distinctly shaped Indian trees - the Ashoka, the Sal and the Neem, that can all be stacked independently. The Aranya Tree Stacker is sure to pique a child's interest in India's jungles and trees.

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1: Handmade using all-natural wood. Ivory wood pieces and pegs set on a pine wood base. No plywood or MDF.

2: Contains :
- A pine wood base with pegs.
- 3 Trees (12 pieces in total made of ivory wood) in various shades of green leaves and brown trunks.

3: Carefully handcrafted to ensure there are no splinters or sharp edges

4: All paints used are water-based, child-safe colours


Height: 12 cm
Base: 23cm x 7.5cm


1: Improves focus:
This stacker is not the easiest to figure out. It demands patience and challenges children until they get it right. In a world where it's ever-easier to get distracted, the Aranya stacker helps build focus in children.

2: Problem solving:
The Aranya stacker is a mini puzzle for growing minds. Playing with it helps sharpen cognitive, analytical and problem-solving skills.

3: Learn about Indian trees :
Each tree in the puzzle is modeled after a real Indian tree. There's Ashoka, Sal and Neem, all native species to the Indian subcontinent. This toy is an excellent opportunity to learn more about each one of them.

4: Social Growth:
We believe that the best way to play with the Aranya is along with a friend, sibling or parent. And when many hands, and minds come together to solve something, it encourages cooperation and social development in children.


Simply wipe with a damp cloth to remove dirt or food stains and air dry.
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, water and heat.

Customer Reviews

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ashusn -
Premium quality toy! Great fun for children!

This toy was purchased by me as a gift for a friend's child. It came in a good-looking, well-curated box that looked extremely premium as a gifting option. The child thoroughly enjoyed playing with this tree stacker which seemed to be made very well. The attention to detail and the colours used are of very high quality! Will definitely purchase more options in future! :)